Reversible Stylization

25 May 2015

Have you found perfect combination of filters for your images? Apply them all with just one click using Artipic’s Reversible Stylization.

Artipic Styles


Reversible (non-destructive) Stylization Module allows managing presets of effects and applying them to images without affecting the source. You can use existing presets or create you own ones:

Artipic Styles

The effects are “real-time”, so you can continue editing picture (painting, etc.) with the effects constantly applied.


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12 May 2015

Do you have a great image idea in mind? Artipic is at your service with a rich set of tools for unexpected combinations and brilliant compositions:

Artipic Compositions


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Mix and Match

29 April 2015

Mix and match Artipic’s filters, apply tint, change temperature and much more:

Artipic Mix and Match



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Your photos become spectacular

30 March 2015

Sometimes looking at your photos you see an amazing combination like a tree, sunset and silly birds…. Try to play with it – Artipic’s effects and filters are at your disposal:

Artipic Effect

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Piece of Art

16 March 2015

With the vast variety of Artipic’s effects and filters your regular picture will magically turn into a piece of art with just a few clicks.

Artipic Effects


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Effects and Filters

02 March 2015

Artipic grants you multiple effects and filters for easy photo-editing and gives your picture a great artistic appearance.

Tint makes your pictures stylish — no matter what color or B&W:

Artipic Tint


What mood are you in today? Adjust your picture from “cold” to “warm” with Color Temperature:

Artipic Color Temperature


Color Enhancer is your savior for bringing the richness and depth to your picture:

Artipic Color Enhancer


Multiple photo filters make each of your images unique:

Artipic Photo Filter


High Pass for sharpening images by affecting only the edge areas:

Artipic High Pass



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Batch Processing

16 February 2015

Artipic Batch Module empowers to format large numbers of images by applying predefined action sets. Automatically adjust and upload your images for further distribution (be it Instagram or an e-commerce CMS platform) with a single click.

Artipic Batch Processing Transparent

Batch Module enables taking any set of files or folders and processing them using capabilities as follows:

–  Applying any combination of image adjustments, filters and effects mentioned above

–  Resizing images to common dimensions resolutions. Cropping images

–  Cutting background for further composition

–  Rotating images by a free angle

–  Shading images

–  Composing images with other images (signs, backgrounds, etc.) using various modes

–  Applying watermarks

–  Setting output structure and defining target image formats

–  Defining naming policy

Batch Module also allows saving configured batches for further use, defining processing policies and monitoring both process and results by batch progress dialogs and batch reports.


Download Artipic from our website and have a try!