Artipic 2.8: Basic & Full Version, Ultra HD Support, Enhanced App Interface

12 September 2018

We are pleased to announce the new Artipic 2.8, now available for download.

Artipic is a powerful graphic editor developed for professional and amateur photographers and designers. Artipic is designed to quickly and easily edit, retouch, compose and distribute pictures and photos.

“We are extremely excited to announce our new Artipic 2.8. There is a ton of key new features and updates. Our goal was to deliver new tools to customers to improve overall user experience working with Artipic. We are making photo editing process even more simple and fast,” says Artipic Director of Board Daniel Werner.

New features and updates:

Artipic now comes in Basic and Full version
Now, you can continue to use Artipic if your trial expires. In this case, the app will be downgraded to the free Basic version that doesn’t include advanced features like Layers, Refine Selection, Color Range, among others. You can buy or upgrade to Full version anytime.

New feature: Comparison Preview
You can now use side-by-side comparison to check how Adjustments and Filters look before and after.

Enhanced color panel
With the new color panel you can easily select and use color for various operations, as well as keep recent colors for further use.

Ultra HD monitors
Ultra HD monitors are fully supported now.

Enhanced app interface
We have updated the app interface. Now it puts more focus on the images you edit.

Panel management enhancements
Panel management is improved and now fully matches the Photoshop panel behavior.

Submit your feedback
From time to time, the app will ask you for feedback. We’ll use this to improve Artipic for you.