Batch Processing

16 February 2015


Artipic Batch Module empowers to format large numbers of images by applying predefined action sets. Automatically adjust and upload your images for further distribution (be it Instagram or an e-commerce CMS platform) with a single click.

Artipic Batch Processing Transparent

Batch Module enables taking any set of files or folders and processing them using capabilities as follows:

–  Applying any combination of image adjustments, filters and effects mentioned above

–  Resizing images to common dimensions resolutions. Cropping images

–  Cutting background for further composition

–  Rotating images by a free angle

–  Shading images

–  Composing images with other images (signs, backgrounds, etc.) using various modes

–  Applying watermarks

–  Setting output structure and defining target image formats

–  Defining naming policy

Batch Module also allows saving configured batches for further use, defining processing policies and monitoring both process and results by batch progress dialogs and batch reports.


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  • Alexander Soplyakov


  • Alex Semenov

    Nice feature indeed. Saves a lot of time on making up a number of picts…